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Interview zangu

Interviewed by Me.com
Tell us a little about your life.
I live in Dar es Salaam home alone, still single with no kids. I work at a certain NGO dealing with Ophrans kids  I also used to work as Assistant of the Executive Secretary of the Tanzania Sugar Producers’ Association for two years and Assisting MD daily routine at EM Trucking Company for three years. I'm also would like to become an AIDS activist. As an HIV-orphan, I believe we need to have our voices heard. We have to advocate for our own health needs in order to ensure that people get the best medical care, best medications and Education about HIV in general. I also do public speaking with friends and all people who are ready for that.

Where did you grow up?
Different places. I used to live with my grandparents so we shift from one place to another.

What did you want to be when you were a kid?
When I was a little girl I always wanted to be an investigation officer because my grandfather was in the same field. He wasn't a police, but he was a DSO (District Security Officer), so he knew a lot about the security field and always wants me to be like him.

What kinds of work have you done?
At the time I lost my mother and see my loved one deal with it I come to realize that I have to do something for others concerning HIV issue and social activist in general, so I decide to start my community (www.stillhope.snappville.com) and called my friends for advise, I thank God because my friends are so supportive. Now I'm starting studies HIV issue through internet. My goal is to work with people who have HIV and social activist like Orphans issues, relationship and friendship, marriage, drugs, street children, be headed families, prostitutions,

Tell me about your Love relationship.
I’m in Love , I met my boyfriend somewhere when we were out with friends. It was fun because he had known me for short time. After short time period he came through and told me what he feels about me, first I though it was a joke because he is so fun person, We ended up exchanging numbers, and that's how we ended up talking. We talked over the phone first and it was an immediate connection He’s very outgoing, very nice and compassionate, and loving.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to listen music especial reggae, Spanish and all slowly music, going out with friends drinks and speak loudly, jokes, watching movies, traveling, reading magazines, adventure, and learn all new things

Are you a religious or spiritual person? Do you attend a church?
No, I'm not religious. But I am a very spiritual person. It longtime since I went to the church but I think God will forgive me for that.

How have your feelings about having HIV in your family changed over time?
A lot of emotions. At first, I was angry, upset, shocked and ashamed. I was even more upset with God and asked my self why us? Because I kind had a feeling that there was something wrong with our family, but it couldn't help me in any way but now it all over, sometime we use to discuss about HIV and jokes about how we can get something to kill it.

What advice would you give someone who has just found out they are positive?
Not get stuck in the depression, and don't get stuck in your work because that will allow you not to deal with the situation, to be positive its not mean that you are going to die tomorrow or the day after but dieing or staying it depend on you life go on, it could be better to find out the services they need and can access. There is help out there, whether you're newly diagnosed or long-term. There is treatment available if a person needs to be on medication, there are support groups, once you have life. I think what works best is when a person understands the importance of health care and have lot information about HIV in general.
How could you choose to work with HIV and other social service?
I'm truly grateful. That's for sure. I like to work in this field because it helps me to see, to stay grounded and not to forget where we are and where are we going. It’s our life and I believe if will we work together we can make different. For some people I have talked to, it changes their lifestyle, how they used to live, now they feel healthier and are not abusing themselves anymore. People need a lot education concerning HIV so they will not get stressed out about stuff. And it will help them to deal with themselves and with issues.

What is the best and worst time you have ever forgotten in your life?
Always I do enjoy everything in life especial when I m surrounding with people who make me happy. About the worst oooh I never forget the day my Uncle called me and say we lost her! I asked him who? And he said my sister your mother! I was shocked, angry with God I even asked my uncle why my mother No? I though is dream but it was really, it bad experience I never had since I was born. After her death I start drinking a lot, leave behind my job, don’t contact with family member and friends it was me against the world, but there was a day my grandparents called me and asked if I love my mother I have to change and do something for her. I came to realize that I was so selfish because there so many people out there have the same problem I have, so I decide to open a community which can help people to meet and get a solution in their problem.

Did you make any New Year's resolutions?
My New Year's resolution is to get better at managing my money. You know, saving money, spending it wisely. I spend it on food! I eat out a lot and drinks a lot. I'm used to being by myself, and now that I'm starting my community, I feel I need to go home and cook and drinks only weekend and special occasion.

If you were granted one wish, what would it be?
To be a busy person because I want to go for IT,  Graphics & Web designer and AIDS activists! Also I want to be a respectable and powerful woman. Don’t forget to visit my blog http://www.jd-nyepesinyepesi.blogspot.com/ and my email Address jenniferlivigha@yahoo.com

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